taikoronica is drawing the kindness, darkness
and sorrow which is from Japanese background.

Our sound is consist of organic acoustic
percussions (including japanese taiko drum, drumset, etc) and DTM.

Effort to analyze the recorded materials, separate severeal range,
unite the sound materials and make tracks
without using softwair synthesizer as far as we could.

So our sound approximates acoustic and
electric both. Wish you feel our simple and warm sound.

Far, deeply. Harmony of traditional japanese taiko sound
which is from eastern island and electronica, jazz, dub.

Guest musician:
Ryosuke Hashizume(ts), Shinpei Ruike(tp), Yusuke Tozaki(gt) 
*2012 remastered

“eastern darkness”

This 2nd album is determining the world of taikoronica.
Two new recorded tracks remixed from anthem of
“perennial earnest order” compiled.

Guest musician:
Ryosuke Hashizume(ts) 
*2012 remastered

“perennial earnest order”

taikoronica description

L) abe sin:

ABE Shinya
Texture, effective sound merge

Composer, Arranger 
President of 408studio

R) Hayashi KAN:

Hayashi KAN
Taiko, Percussion, Compose, Arrangement

Japanese taiko drummer
Perform on Uneri, TRIPLEBOZE. Leader of sixthsense 
President of Earth Verse Music


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